Custom Magnets


Car magnets are 100% customizable and suitable for painting, so you can design your own magnet, stick it on a car or truck, peel it off, and reuse it over and over again. With our quality printers and lamination, you can be sure that your magnet will be fade resistant and will look great on your vehicle.



• The signs will be custom printed.
• Please send us detailed information on how you would like the signs to look or please send us your image file.
• We will send you a screenshot for approval before making the signs.
• When sending us the image please include your cellphone number for fastest service, we will contact you via text message.

Let your car do the advertising.
Ready for every mile you drive to turn into an opportunity?

If you are a real estate agent, restaurant owner or contractor, you can make a good impression with car magnets.

These now thicker and stronger magnets with rounded or square corners and a new wind-tested substrate will stay firmly in place.

Plus, its matte finish and UV ink printing give it a better quality, fade-resistant appearance.

Make the most of your magnets.
• Turn your personal vehicle into an instant advertisement, every time you drive it.
• Get more visibility by placing a magnet on each side of the car, and why not another one on the rear as well?
• Magnets are easy to clean with a mild soap and cloth.

Tips for your design.
• Think about the color of your car to make sure the magnet contrasts and stands out.
• The less text you use, the larger and more visible the magnet will be.
• Write your contact information in large print so everyone can see it quickly.

Important notes.
• Remember that our design department will contact you for more information and details of your design.

Application guide
• First, wash the surface of the car with mild soap.
• Let the place where you are going to place the magnet dry completely.
• Apply the magnet to an area without bumps, curves, or moldings.
• To avoid damaging the car, wash and dry the surface under the magnet every day.
• Remove the magnet to wash the car, or when you are not using it.

Frequent questions
Q: How thick are car magnets?
A: Each magnet is 0.85mm thick.

Q: Can I put the magnet on a curved door?
A: Unfortunately not. For the magnet to be well fixed, it must be placed on smooth surfaces, without curves, dips or protrusions.

Q: What is the strength of the magnet?
A: The magnet has a strength of 90 pounds per square foot.



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